Will Brexit and Trump destroy U.S. and U.K. tech gains?

Have the UK and US shot themselves in the IT foot with recent political developments impacting immigration issues? Wall Street Journal reports that, far from immigrants being a drain on the US economy, they in fact started 51% of multi-billion start-ups. Google, Tesla, Space X and Uber being among them. What is the situation in the UK? What can we do to ensure we don't lose great talent, whether homegrown or those from overseas who prefer to work here?

Posted by Brian Andrew Runciman on 7th Feb 2017
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David Vaughan Bowen

04 August 2018

Yes, the recent attitudes against immigration are a problem. Both the US and the UK need to be promoting and supporting the free movement of people. Both countries have assumed for years that US and UK citizens could (and should) be able to go anywhere, but that citizens of other countries needed some restrictions on moving to the UK or the US. However, the US is less than 5% of the world population, and the UK only about 1%. As India, China and Indonesia take their correct (statistically balanced) places in the world (economically and politically), and as groups take their correct roles (such as the EU, and similar groups of African and South American countries), the US and the UK need to be more balanced in their attitudes to the rest of the world.

Lee Michael Turl

08 February 2017

I cannot speak for the US, but from a UK perspective this has to be a resounding 'No'. The Government's direction of travel means that it will be easier to attract the brightest and the best from around the world. Pro-control of immigration is not the same as anti-immigration and once the dust settles then I believe companies in the UK will be well placed to attract people with the right skills and knowledge and hopefully start nurturing home grown talent as well.

Stephen Paul Boronski

08 February 2017

None of the people mentioned as starting up major corporations have come from the countries that have been restricted in the US, and as for brexit, what is stopping Chinese, Japanese, Asian, African, American etc etc etc coming to the UK post brexit? Nothing!