When was the last time you had some real training?

I work for a large multinational that prides itself on having a well-qualified workforce. For some time now, "training" has gone from structured teaching to mainly tickbox Q&A online sessions, with nothing accreditable as a result. (We do get to print a fancy certificate of achievement though).

My problem as a BCS member is that although I've tried to keep my skill-set up by building my own IT projects at home as a self-taught exercise I'm concerned that these won't count towards any future certification, including advancement in the BCS. I'd appreciate any other views on this.

Posted by Peter Garner on 14th Mar 2018
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Mark Smyth-Roberts

20 March 2018

Firstly I would differentiate between training, education and certification. Training is specific to a task or equipment. Education is support to professional achievement. Certification is proof and acknowledgement that you are able to do what you claim to be able to do. If you want certification then it is essential that you plan a combination of training and education, both of which need to be evident in your role (or other related achievement such as volunteering or support to a 3rd party organisation). If you focus on the certification aspect and then work backwards to plan the experience and qualifications that you need then you may find the motivation and structure to achieve your goals. Of course you also need a more general career plan.