What is the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics?

Did you know that BCS Health has a flagship journal called the Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics (JoIiHI)? It publishes high-quality research papers, literature reviews and letters from both researchers and practitioners in the fields of social care, health and clinical informatics. Its focus is on informatics research from the front lines of health care and how informatics can support innovation in health and health care.

It looks to publish articles about how computers and information technology can be incorporated into clinical workflow and be used to measure quality and health outcomes.

You can find the latest edition here: http://hijournal.bcs.org

Follow the Journal on Twitter: @BCS_HIJ

Follow the Journal on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/journal-of-innovation-in-health-informatics

WikiPedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JournalofInnovationinHealth_Informatics

Posted by Gareth John Baxendale on 23rd Jan 2017
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Mike Broomhead

01 April 2017

There is not @bcshij -- I think you mean @bcsjolihi