Money, trust and people

The NHS is hugely complex. Its future seems reliant on three factors: money, trust and the skills of its staff. It feels like policy people and decision makers only act with decisiveness at the point of failure. Often the biggest changes in policy and process seem to be spurred on by investigations into terrible accidents and errors. Health processes always feels like they’re lagging behind the reality on the shop-floor.

Posted by Linda Johnston on 22nd Dec 2016
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Linda Johnston

19 January 2017

How do you get the right people in the room Stuart? You have vocational staff who are emotionally driven to provide care, then you have the technical experts building systems who perhaps are problem solving from a different perspective but the approach needs to complement the same issue - integrated care - this is a challenge how do you get one to understand the other

Stuart Andrew Adamson

18 January 2017

Many parts of healthcare are effectively what is often described as "failure demand" - that is, you only use the service because something has gone wrong (i.e. got injured or fallen ill).

So, perhaps a focus on preventative medicine and healthcare could help with this, to move away from crisis management and into a kind of "error prevention" mindset.

This isn't easy, far from it, but the technology can start to identify potentially chronic or degenerative conditions both earlier and more accurately, so perhaps this is where the IT profession can augment the medical profession and provide synergistic value.