Millennial entitlement and tech as an addictive substance

Are millennials over entitled, poorly parented, cossetted, self-esteem damaged and stuck in their own self-fulfilling media bubble? Is dopamine-inducing tech to blame? Simon Sinek video is an interesting watch

Posted by Brian Andrew Runciman on 11th Jan 2017
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Brian Andrew Runciman

24 January 2017

So let me pick up on a word here: addictive. An excellent recent post by Nicholas Carr draws a distinction between being addiction and compulsion. Read it here:

And here's a key sentence on the smart phone: 'It’s a machine almost perfectly designed to turn its owner into a compulsive.'

Brian Andrew Runciman

17 January 2017

Nice comment, Charlie, thanks

Charlie Lowers

13 January 2017

As a millennial myself, I think there’s gap of understanding between the generations which came before us and ourselves which causes a bit of friction. Our generation has grown up unaccustomed to waiting for things. We’ve grown up in the world of on demand television, streaming music and Amazon Prime. We want, we click, we get. That’s what we know.

The generations before us, generation X, the baby boomers and the silent generation, have lived through periods of rapid technological advancement. They understand what it was to send a letter not a text, type on a typewriter not a computer and go to the cinema, not log into Netflix. They appreciate the timely processes that were, and thus have more of an appreciation for the instantaneous nature of the things we have now.

The older generations aren’t going to forget what things used to be like and the younger generations aren’t ever going to fully understand or appreciate it because we weren’t there. This is where I think our disparate levels of understanding and especially patience, arises from.