ITIL or Service Aligned Target Operating Models

Hi All,

I am currently working for a large organisation looking into their Target Operating Model for IT Operations. The current FTE and Partner landscape shows that most of the focus is on incident management (fire fighting) with very little resource aligned to other ITIL best practices eg Capacity Management, Service Management etc. Whilst this will be a long multi year journey I would be very interested in peoples thoughts and experiences towards implementing an industry standard framework, if indeed there is such a thing. My vision is taking best practice and then working backwards to understand the iterative steps that need to be taken to implement from the current operate model.

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Posted by Jonathan Edward Burton on 29th Aug 2017
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Nagesh Am

08 September 2017

Hello Jonathan,

Just large organisation does not met the requirement to suggest what best it would be. say for example 1. Large company - however served from single location would be better to have a in-house services that helps in driving E2E services without issues. in that secenario Capacity and other business relates services will be performed with direct input and would not require complete approach. 2. Large company with various locations vary again in what kind of services is delivered from which location. and centralised the services if other locations are matured enough to deliver services with minimal advice. though in the current state everyone in work are best at what they do. however some require handhold. 3. Multiple reasons.

my answer for large organisation, with multiple location and various culture involved. 1. It is best to start with basic services (service catalogue, configuration mgmt, Incident, problem, Change mgmt) to analyse and see the maturity. (Basic things that need to drive services across the organistaion 2. Then add enabled services - like capacity management, monitoring and other to manage 3. Run enhanced services which talk to business frequently and work together.