Is our new world a dream or a nightmare?

We have just had a first blog post from Tom Fuller - who I met a few weeks back - you know, in real life, in the flesh, in meatspace, if you will. I was immediately impressed by his approach to the subject of being human in our brave new world. He says, in part:

'This is a world where the future is no longer decades away, but a world where the future seems very close. This is a world where we're coming to terms with a technological pace which is, in many ways, moving faster than our ability to manage it. I want to explore this tectonic plate like effect on society, where forces are being created which are changing our current world and positioned as shaping our future in a way that we have barely begun to imagine. I'm going to be looking at how we're coping or not coping with today's world and what we can do about it. I'm going to be finding lessons from history and whether they can be of any use. If you've got the stomach, I hope you'll also join me for discussions on what I call the near future - the future which William Gibson describes as being here, but not yet evenly distributed. This is full of science-fiction, but the impacts are already here. If we can't cope with today's technological disruptions, how, I will explore, can we ever expect to manage this near future? Then, if you've got a really strong constitution, how can we begin to understand the far-future - that is a world where we can only begin to imagine what it will mean. Is it the stuff of our dreams, or our nightmares?'

What do you think?

Posted by Brian Andrew Runciman on 4th Jan 2017
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