Health implications of 5G

The article in the Autumn 2018 edition of 'ITNow' about 5G gives a good explanation about the benefits of 5G mobile phone technology. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that there are health implications of 5G. In Gateshead, the council has rolled out a vast number of 5G transmitters, placed on top of LED street lights, under the guise of a 'Management Control System' and in some cases these have been placed right outside people's bedroom windows, producing transmissions far too strong in those bedrooms and causing perpetual nosebleeds in the case of the occupants. In Piedmont, USA, where 5G has been rolled out, the firemen complained of headaches, nausea and weakness as a result of the transmitters and have succeeded in having them removed from the vicinity of fire stations. Children are affected even more than adults, owing to having thinner skulls. I think the BCS needs to present an impartial / objective view of this new technology and balance publication of the benefits with publication of the health dangers of this technology.

Posted by William Joseph Eyre on 8th Oct 2018
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