Get involved with the Blueprint for Cyber Security in Health

The Wannacry ransomware virus - and past and subsequent infections - have cast into stark relief how we as a society should take the protection of our health and care services seriously. To that end BCS has spearheaded, with vital partner support, the production of a Blueprint for Cyber Security in Health and Care. The draft is : can be viewed here It will be a long road - what do you think? Can you get involved?

Posted by Brian Andrew Runciman on 29th Jun 2017
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Comments (4)

Peter Glock

16 February 2018

I'm late to this particular party and only became aware when a Trust contacted my company looking for help with budgeting for a cyber deception service. What's the current status of the Blueprint?

Howard Edward Gerlis

14 July 2017


"NHS trusts handed extra £21m to improve IT security as Department of Health responds to CQC review"

Not even a hint of a mention of the BCS?

Is the BCS really plugged in to what's really happening out there?

Olivia Tan

30 June 2017

Howard, this is addressed in the blueprint document itself:

Cyber security threats affect every part of society; including the entire public sector, corporations small and large, everywhere that computer systems are used. However, the role the NHS plays in our lives and the nature of the threat to it puts this as the priority. Other sectors must follow in close succession, but without focus we will achieve nothing. The NHS is also at a critical juncture in the development of the IT profession within health, and the use of digital in the delivery of health and care.

Our vision is a world free of cyber threats, it is not currently possible to eliminate all cyber threats. Instead, we are looking to eliminate the threats from poor practice, and create a supported professional community that can be relied upon to deliver known good practice, and to up the pace of development of good practice commensurate with the pace of the threat environment. In other words, our goal is not to protect against the unknown, but against the known – and as new unknown threats emerge, to ensure that they are known and dealt with rapidly.

Howard Edward Gerlis

30 June 2017

Why only "health and Care"?

This is relevant to all areas of IT surely?