Education changes to cater for the ICT Industry

University Degrees in Computer Science and ICT are meant to teach you concepts of technolobusiness process analysisgy (e.g. software engineering, coding principles, systems analysis, etc, etc). On the other hand the industry is saying that graduates produced are very short of what the industry requires. This calls for changes in the current Computer Science and ICT degrees to align them to Industry needs. Do you agree with this? And how much should the alignment be? Should mainstream technology be thought (e.g. .Net, Java, Cisco, etc)

Posted by Carmel Cachia on 13th Jan 2017
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Simon Andrew Humphreys

17 January 2017

An interesting question! I expect the simplest answer is 'yes' but things are never that simple. I did my CS degree over a decade ago and certainly encountered Java and other industry standard platforms. It was expected that students at that university would end up in industry in technical jobs. That won't be the case for all and I chose to stay in education. There's a further question here though. What is the purpose of (university) education? Education is not training ...