Digitising only half of care is wrong

I can see a lot of thought being given to getting rid of patient notes in hospitals and I can understand why this drive is essential. But what happens when a patient leaves hospital and they pass from the NHS and into a care environment that’s funded by local government? How are those digital notes going to follow the patient? If they don't - or if they do so very slowly - patient discharge is delayed.

Posted by Martin Cooper on 7th Dec 2016
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Mike Broomhead

01 April 2017

I cannot vote due to the poor wording !!

I strongly agree that information (eg digital) should flow.

I strongly disagree with the overall sentiment that not doing all health/social care at the same time is wrong !

Irrespective of my views, I recommend the wording is changed so that the vote is for a clear aspect.

Christopher James Lawrence

27 December 2016

I recollect a proposal in about 2003 for a unified system for patient notes. As usual the cheapest tender won but for various reasons wasn't delivered. Privacy is the other side of the coin to ease of access and adds to the complexity

Gareth John Baxendale

15 December 2016

I guess it will always remain a local matter for councils to resolve but it would be so much simpler to keep within the same eco-system and make it available via local digital methods...