CS Education is "Coming of Age"

The BCS Edinburgh Branch held a Voices event in the beginning of December with Professor Quintin Cutts, Professor of Computer Science Education in Glasgow giving some insight and conversation starters about Computer education in Scotland. More details of the event: BCS Edinburgh Event

The event went generally great, and the attendees seemed very pleased to have a say in the matter. Many attendees left their contact details, and seemed keen to be part of future editions of such events. For future events, capturing the discussion better should be an aim.

A key to our successful event was having a knowledgeable speaker to provide the audience with a baseline introduction to some of the problems and current movements in CS Education. For us a main focus was on the maturity of Computer Science as a subject and the changes caused by the constant evolving of education in the field.

From the presentation:

Why do I claim we are "coming of age"?

Consequences – need to answer questions:

• Why do we teach everyone?

• Can we teach everyone?

• What do we teach "to everyone"? Is it different from what we teach to university students?

What could you do to help?

Posted by Margus Lind on 30th Dec 2016
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