BCS Members to lose access to EBSCO research databases

As a part of my self-education & professional development, from time to time I have made use of the access to research databases which the BCS has provided. When I accessed this today, I found the message: "Since introducing EBSCO databases and more recently EBSCO books to our member benefit portfolio, member usage of these benefits has declined, and as a result these services will discontinue effective from the end of December 2017."

I don't recall being consulted about this service cut. Perhaps a more positive approach would be to promote the service?

I think access to research databases is part and parcel of a professional body.

What do other members think?

Posted by Graham John Coyne on 11th Dec 2017
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Comments (2)

Egunfemi Hwesuhunu

04 February 2018

I’m just about to embark on some research and this would be a very useful plank alongside other tools. I hope BCS consider alternative measures as it’s indicative of how membership is used (or not) due to a lack of awareness of the features.

Mark Parsonage

11 January 2018

I just logged in to use EBSCO for some research only to find it had disappeared. I think I would have been good to ask members why they weren't using it. There could be many reasons why the usage has dropped from lack of awareness, poor website information architecture, lack of awareness or maybe a general lack on interest. As things like machine learning and AI progress being able to access research papers is increasingly important.