All 240 NHS trusts in England are research-active...

Patients cared for in research-active acute NHS trusts have better patient outcomes, as supported by a study published in 2015. Research provides evidence about “what works” so that treatments for patients can be improved. Last year alone, 605,596 people took part in clinical research studies. Do you ever ask about joining a clinical trial? did you know your trust is involved in research?

Posted by Gareth John Baxendale on 15th Dec 2016
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Jonathan Jeffery

21 December 2016

Very interesting share. I haven't... I don't hear many good news stories about our local trust, the local paper tends to stick to stories about parking issues rather than research taking place or closer to BCS, application of digital services.

It feels like there is a huge void in news/ communications - almost a conspiracy - blocking NHS good news stories from national or local media (takes off tin hat). I can imagine it to be incredibly demoralising working in or with the NHS and only having achievements celebrated internally.